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welcome to anna ayurcare

A small Ayurvedic resort located at Perumbadavu (Kannur, Kerala), we offer different treatments and wellness packages. Our Ayurvedic physician, Job T.J has an experience of 30+ years with a well known reputation.
We offer treatments such as Dhara, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Sirovasti, Pichu, Sirolepa, full body detoxification(Panchakarma) as well as various other single medicine treatments.


Retaining the warm medicated oil inside a herbal paste boundary over the knee joint for 30-45 minutes. This reduced the painful and inflammatory condition of knee joint, arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc.


SIRA means head & DHARA means flow of liquid. In sirodhara specially prepared medicated oil, medicated buttermilk, etc. are poured in the forehead from a specific height & for a specific period.



Herbal leaves or powders are made in boluses and is applied on the whole body or a part specified after dipping it in warm medicated oils. This is done for 30-45 minutes.


Kannur is one among the northernmost districts in the south western state of Kerala in India. The old name 'Cannanore' is the anglicised form of the Malayalam word Kannur. Kannur might have derived its name from one of the the Hindu diety, Kannan (Lord Krishna) and Ur (place) making it the place of Lord Krishna. The deity of the Katalayi Sreekrishna temple was earlier situated in a shrine at Katalayi Kotta in the south eastern part of the Kannur town.