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Panchakarma is the sacred mantra of Rejuvination. Pancha means Five and Karma means Action. Vamanam [Emesis therapy], Virechanam [Purgation therapy], Nasyam [Nasal medication], Sneha Vasthi[Enema with medicinal oil],Kashya Vasthi[Enema with medicinal decoction] these are the Panchakarma treatmentsand each treatments have its own indication. Toxicity can accumulate in a body from un healthy food, our environment, and even from our thought pattern. Overtime, possibly many years,unless we consciously work to lessen those experiences there is a buildup of toxicity at all levels. Many illnesses result from the buildup of toxicity. The toxins will prevent the energy flow in the body and will derange the normal body function such as digestion ,circulation excretion, respiration etc. AS a result, absorption of nutrient, expulsion of waste materials will also get affected and will end up in some disease. Panchakarma is an effective method of treatment to eliminate this toxins to normalize the energy flow to regain health.